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About us

Cars are our passion, we are a medium size company made by a good team of specialists who share the same vision and enthusiasm. Our goal is the low volume serial production of the tailor made interiors developed according to Client’s needs.

Car Audio | Pro Audio

Company was established in 2005 as the Pro Audio in Tychy, Poland and from the very beginning the main core of our activity was vision and sound in the cars. In terms of experience we have achieved a lot, from the beautiful and stylish development in the limousine which doesn’t collide with its design and character, car’s setup for the sound off tournament to the striking demo car - it all become for us the usual day of work.

Home Audio | Pro Audio

In 2008 we decided to use our experience in car audio and move it to the other segment which is home audio. It resulted in designing and installing complex multimedia solutions for the small apartments through the mansion houses to offices and plants. That’s how the Home Audio | Pro Audio was established.

VanPro | Pro Audio

Year 2010 is another step in the Company’s expansion by using our potential and further experience, we are focused on delivery of the high quality product. It resulted in establishing the VanPro brand whose core of activity is van interior development. High quality and being detail-oriented is the philosophy that we want to offer to the Clients on the market, where this kind of solutions are not developed yet.

VanPro Quality

From the day the Company was launched the most important value is the high quality of the final product. High quality materials, high-end components, detail-orientation in production, finishing and installing of the elements are our DNA, our hobby. These values must be combined together speaking about the desired final product. When we think about the materials and components we say the leaders on the market. The car electric installation which is the heart of the development must fulfill the highest standards according to the rule - you are as strong as your weakest link! We are constantly looking for new solutions in materials and components as well as investing money in new tools and devices. These let us improve the final product and make it unique for Clients by exceeding their expectations and also give us satisfaction that the good work is done.

VanPro Experience

16 years of experience and hundreds of bespoke interior developments done according to Client’s detailed desires affects the inspirations and wide portfolio. It lets us create unique quality which become our trademark in the field of van conversions. Majority of our Staff has been working with us for many years, few have started working from the beginning. They are a big asset - the Team of dedicated craftsmen who love what they do and are glad to face the new challenges. Because of that we are ready to meet our Clients expectations with every detail.

VanPro Individual projects

With every Client there is a different vision of how the interior development final project should look like, that’s why there is no place for cliché. We know how important it is to listen to the Client and to give them ideas which will help to materialize their thoughts about their tailor made interior. There is no place for compromises, we always work to deliver what Client wants even if it requires additional effort, according to what we commonly hear: "If you Guys do not handle that so who does?"

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